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Report it

If you need to make a report to us you can usually do this online.

You have two ways of reporting online:

  • Use Ashfield 24/7 (create a resident account)
  • Fill in a request as a guest (anonymous)

You can help us keep Ashfield a safe and enjoyable district to live, work and visit by reporting any issues you see. If you see a crime underway, a fire, or there is an immediate risk to life or property call 999 - don't report online! 

Ashfield 24/7

Please note: We are currently experiencing technical issues with Ashfield 24/7.

To use Ashfield 24/7 you will need to create an account. Creating an account for this portal is quick and easy, simply click on the link and choose ‘Create Account’. Adding details such as your resident address in Ashfield will give you access to features such as your bin calendar.

From the portal you can:


  • Report a missed bin
  • Report fly tipping
  • Report dog fouling
  • Report graffiti
  • Report grass cutting
  • Report Japanese knotweed
  • Report litter
  • Report needles and syringes
  • Report weed spraying
  • Request an additional bin
  • Assisted bin collection


  • Access your bin calendar (if you signed up with your Ashfield address)

See your request history and the status of your current requests

  • Once you have created your portal account, you can make requests, report issues and see all your previous and active requests.

To use Ashfield 24/7 will involve creating an account, click the following link:
(you will need an active email address to create an account)

Please note: This is a new system and we are adding digital services to this portal as they are made available.

To continue as a Guest, you can click one of the following to complete.

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Benefits and council tax

Community and leisure

Environment and health


Planning and building control

Your council

Other ways to report things to us

If you can't find the thing you'd like to report in this list you can contact us by: