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Laser treatment

If you use 3B/4 lasers for non-surgical procedures such as hair removal or tattoo removal, you will need a licence. This is under Nottinghamshire County Council Act 1985 (part VI). 

If you offer intense pulse laser treatments which are not covered by the Health and Social Care Act 2008 you will also need a laser treatment licence. 

The licence covers the premises where the treatments take place. Each person carrying out the treatments must also be listed on the licence as practitioners.

The laser treatment licence is in addition to a massage and special treatments licence

Apply for a laser treatment licence

You will need to download the form from this page, complete it and send it back with any supporting documents and your payment. 

Send your completed form to: 

Licensing Team
Ashfield District Council
Council Offices
Urban Road
NG17 8DA.

How much does it cost?

A new laser treatment licence costs £180. Renewal is £90. 

You will also need to pay for a massage and special treatments licence

Other ways to contact us about laser treatment licences

If you have questions about the licence or applying you can contact us by: