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Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector testing

You should test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in your property weekly, but at least once a month, as it is your responsibility to do this as a tenant.


If a fault occurs on any of the installed alarms you must contact us immediately for rectification, and if a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm is not currently installed please contact us to arrange the installation:

  • telephone: 01623 457999

Testing the alarms in your home

You should have a working smoke alarm on every level of your home, and a carbon monoxide alarm in every room where a fixed fuelled appliance is present (gas or solid fuel boiler, gas or solid fuel fire etc).

You shouldn't ignore a beeping alarm - this can be a sign that the smoke alarm is not working properly. You will need to contact us

  • telephone:  01623 457999.

Adequate ventilation is essential for gas appliances to burn properly, ensure that the provided ventilation is clear and that any chimneys or flues within your home are clear or unblocked.