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Council Tax support

Council Tax support can help towards the cost of your Council Tax charge if you are on a low income or in receipt of other benefits. You can claim if you are working and your earnings are low.

It is sometimes called Council Tax reduction. This is applied as a discount to your bill if you are eligible and normally starts from the date a relevant benefit begins. 

Council Tax support is usually given if you receive: 

  • Income Support
  • Job Seeker's Allowance (income or contributions based)
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Pension credit
  • Universal Credit. 

Even if you do not receive any of those benefits you may still be eligible if you are on a low income. 

Apply for Council Tax support

You can apply online for Council Tax support. 

We will need details about you, your property, your income, your savings, and the income and savings of any other adult living in the property. We may need to see proof of some of these things. You can upload evidence through the online form or we will contact you separately to arrange. 

If you don't upload the evidence you usually have one calendar month to provide it from when we apply the Council Tax support. You should not send important documents to us in the post. 

When you start the form you will get a reference number so you can save progress and return at a later time to complete. 

Apply for Council Tax support

How much will you be paid?

Your Council Tax support is based on the banding of your property. This means that your entitlement will be worked out using the Council Tax you are liable to pay.

It also depends on your income and savings, and the income and savings of any other eligible adult living in the property. 

This is the figure after any other discounts have been taken off.

When does my benefit start or end?

Council Tax Support will usually start at the same time as an eligible benefit. 

If you stop receiving a relevant benefit your Council Tax support will usually end the Sunday after the benefit is stopped. 

Change of circumstance

If your circumstances change you should tell us straight away. If you are no longer entitled to Council Tax support because of a change of circumstance and we keep paying we will recover the money owed to us when we find out. 

If you are under pension age and receiving benefits you should let JobCentre Plus know of a change of circumstance. 

If you are over pension age you should let the Pension Service know of a change of circumstance. 

Second adult rebate

If you are the only person liable to pay Council Tax, and at pension age, but have other non-liable adults living with you we may be able to use their income and savings to work out your benefit. Second Adult Rebate is not applicable for working age claimants.

These second adults must not be dependant on you or pay you rent to live in your home; they cannot be your partner either.

How much Council Tax support you get depends on their income and savings only, your income and savings are ignored.

The most Council Tax support you can get is 25% off your bill. If you are entitled to both types of support, the one that gives you the most help will be paid. Any support due to you is credited to your Council Tax account. This will be shown on your Council Tax bill.

Other ways to contact us about Council Tax support

You can contact us about Council Tax support by:  

  • telephone: 01623 457400