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Cemetery and burial costs

There is a cost to burials at our cemeteries, and for services at our 2 chapels, as well as for headstones and other monuments. 

If you have a cremation at Mansfield and District Crematorium there is a separate cost to this, as well as any services you may have from a funeral director. 

Burial costs

Burial or interment of remains for stillborns or children under 16 is free of charge. 

Interment costs

  • adult grave - £714
  • double adult grave (not available at Hucknall) - £745
  • triple adult grave (only available at Kingsway New) - £816
  • interment of cremated remains - £204 
  • scattering of ashes - £82.

Where interment is for a non-Ashfield resident the cost is doubled. 

Service and paperwork costs

  • use of chapel - £204 (£404 where service is for a non-Ashfield resident)
  • late arrival at cemetery (more than 30 minutes late) - £102
  • late arrival of paperwork - £26 - we must received paperwork by 10am no more than 2 days before internment.

Headstone and monument costs

  • headstones - £235
  • vase (under 8 inches high) - £143
  • vase (over 8 inches high) - £184
  • additional inscription on existing headstone - £92
  • memorial tree - £155.

Other costs

You can buy exclusive rights of burial for a plot in our cemeteries. The rights last for 75 years and cost: 

  • adult grave - £918
  • child grave (in child section of cemetery) - free
  • cremated remains - £510
  • Transfer of rights of burial where plot is not being re-opened or memorial installed - £26. 

Where the exclusive rights of burial are for a non-Ashfield resident the cost is doubled. 

We can carry out family tree or genealogy searches for you on graves and memorials in our cemeteries. A search costs £26 per name or grave.