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Taxi and private hire licences

If you drive a taxi (known as a Hackney carriage) or private hire vehicle both the driver and the vehicle will need a licence.

Drivers of Hackney carriages can ply for hire and wait at ranks in the area from which they receive a license, or do pre-booked work anywhere in the country.

Private hire vehicles must work through a licensed private hire operator. The operator must be licensed by the same council they and the vehicle are licensed by.

Licensed drivers are held to a high standard and we enforce the terms of the licence to make sure they are 'fit and proper' people. This means they must not:

  • cause any person to take offence at their actions
  • cause any person to believe their actions are inappropriate
  • cause any person to fear of their physical safety
  • cause any person to doubt their integrity
  • bring in to disrepute the integrity of the council for having granted the licence
  • fail to adhere to the conditions and regulations pertaining to the licence.

We investigate all complaints and will take action as needed.

Before we grant a licence we will check for criminal records, health records, training and qualifications, driving history, warnings and penalties, conduct, and any previous complaints. We will also carry out a check on the National Register of Taxi Licence Refusals and Revocations (NR3).

We take each application on merit with the aim of having trustworthy and licensed drivers to provide transport services to the public.

More information can be found in our Hackney carriage and private hire licensing policy, our warnings offences, cautions, and convictions policy, and in our driver, vehicle and operator application packs.

Taxis and taxi ranks

All taxis have a taxi light box on the roof, a white taxi licence plate on the bank and sometimes the company name they operate through on the front doors.

Journeys must be charged by the Taximeter fitted in the cab. The tariff will be displayed in the vehicle too.

All taxis can be hailed in the street within the district, or found at one of the taxi ranks in the area. Taxi ranks operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless otherwise listed. They are at:

Sutton in Ashfield

  • Market Street
  • Forest Street
  • Fox Street
  • Iceland car park.

Kirkby in Ashfield

  • Morley Street
  • Ellis Street
  • Co-operative Store car park.


  • Ogle Street
  • Market Place (Saturday – Wednesday 24 hours; Friday 6pm to midnight)

Private hire and minicab

Private hire vehicles and minicabs are pre-booked and display the company name or logo on their doors. They also show a sign stating 'advance bookings only'.

We expect these companies to have high standards of customer service, to arrive at the time agreed, and to charge the fee agreed on booking.

If you are not happy with the service provided you can contact us.

A list of all local taxi and private hire companies can be found in the related documents section of this page.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

When licensing vehicles as new Hackney carriages we ask they are wheelchair accessible and drivers are able to provide mobility assistance as needed. Taxis and private hire vehicles must also allow guide or assistance dogs to travel.

A list of our currently licensed wheelchair accessible vehicles can be downloaded from this page.

Contact us about taxi and private hire licensing

If you have a question about licensing or want to make a complaint about a taxi or private hire operator, vehicle or driver, you can contact us by: