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Councillors, council meetings & governance

Ashfield District Council is currently made up of 35 councillors who sit on a range of committees.  

Councillors are elected for a 4 year term, to represent the people in their area of Ashfield.

They have regular contact with the general public through council meetings, telephone calls, emails, surgeries and street surgeries. Surgeries provide an opportunity for anyone to go and talk to their councillor in person.

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Councillors are not paid a salary for their work but they do receive allowances. By law all councillors are required to complete a register of interests form. 

Other representatives

District councillors are one of your representatives - you may also elect councillors to a town or parish council, to the county council, and as an MP to represent you in parliament

Council meetings

Meetings are the way decisions are discussed and made, and the way work in the council is managed. 

There are different types of meeting held, which different councillors and officers will be involved in. 

Full council meetings

Full council is the meeting of all councillors. It is held every other month. 

Committee meetings

Committees have specific functions and responsibilities (such as Planning and Licensing) which they carry out on behalf of the council.  

Cabinet meetings

The Cabinet (or Executive) is the part of the council responsible for most of the policy decisions that influence day-to-day operations. Members of the cabinet are appointed annually by the Leader of the Council and cabinet members (or portfolio holders) are each responsible for different areas of activity.

The membership of all committees are agreed at the annual council meeting every May.

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Ways to contact us about councillors and meetings

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