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Problems paying Council Tax

If you can't make a Council Tax payment when it is due let us know straight away. 

We understand people have financial problems from time to time and if you contact us we will deal with each case individually and take account of your circumstances. We'll also make sure any discounts you're entitled to have been applied and you're getting Council Tax Support if you're eligible. 

Late or missed payments

All taxpayers have the right to pay their Council Tax by monthly instalments. That right may be lost if payments are not made on time. 

If you fail to pay your instalments by the due date shown on the bill, we will send you a reminder notice and you will have 7 days to bring your payments up to date. You can do this online, by telephone, or by online banking - find out more on paying your Council Tax

If you pay the overdue instalments within 7 days you can continue to pay monthly but if you don't you will lose the right to pay by monthly instalments. The remainder of the year's charge will become due, in full.

What if I fall behind again?

You can only receive 2 reminder notices in a tax year. If you fall behind for a third time you automatically lose the right to pay monthly.

If you fail to pay after the reminder or final notice it will lead to the issue of a summons by the Magistrates Court with costs of £80.

Unless we receive the full payment at this time we will apply to the Court for a Liability Order. 

The Liability Order will allow us to:

  • ask your employer to deduct the debt from your earnings based on regulations set by the Government - more information on this at Attachment of Earnings Order regulations
  • use enforcement agents, resulting in additional costs being incurred
  • ask the Department for Work and Pensions to make payments direct to us if you are getting Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Pension Credits or some Universal Credits awards
  • start bankruptcy proceedings against you
  • obtain a Charging Order against your property and may seek to enforce the sale of the property
  • committal proceedings.

Council Tax Discretionary Discount Scheme

If you are having difficulties paying your Council Tax bill you can apply to have your council tax reduced under the Council Tax Discretionary Discount Scheme. 

As there are no set conditions for awarding a reduction under this scheme, we consider all applications individually and take account of the details of the case.

We will need a range of information from you to help us make a decision including:

  • details of why you are unable to pay your Council Tax bill
  • details of household income and expenditure (all household members)
  • savings and investments (claimant and partner)
  • if you have received debt or benefits advice
  • any other factors that we need to be aware of when considering your application. 

Applications must be made in writing to: 

Section 13A (1) (c) Application
Service Manager - Revenues and Benefits Services
Ashfield District Council
Urban Road
Kirkby in Ashfield
NG17 8DA.


We will make a decision within one month of receiving your application and let you know our decision in writing.

If you do not agree with our decision you have 21 days to appeal, giving full reasons and evidence why you think our decision was wrong. We will review the application, decision and appeal and let you know the outcome in 28 working days. 

If you are still not happy you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal who will review and make a decision. 

Contact us about Council Tax

If you have a question about Council Tax you can contact us by: 

  • telephone: 01623 457400