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New housing developments

As part of the planning for a new housing development we will work with developers on plans for the site.

What we are responsible for on a new build housing estate:

  • emptying your household bins (general waste, garden waste and recycling)
  • sweeping and cleaning of the adopted roads and pavements. 

What the county council is responsible for on a new build housing estate after adoption: 

  • road and pavement repairs
  • road drainage
  • street lighting
  • footpaths designated as Rights of Way. 

Parks and green spaces on new estates

We may not be able to maintain any new parks or open spaces created as part of a new development. The developer may then make arrangements for long-term upkeep and form an estate management company. 

Types of estate management company

There are two types of estate management company: 

  • the developer forms an estate management company and contracts or employs anyone needed to maintain the estate. Property owners may be asked to pay a maintenance fee toward costs
  • on small estates property owners may form a company and run it themselves. This gives better control over costs but relies on people have the time day-to-day to run the company

How this might affect freehold owners on new estates

When you buy a property on a new build estate your solicitor will let you know if you are being asked to pay a service charge for maintenance of shared areas and open spaces. If so, you will be bound to this through your deeds and the cost will set by the management company depending on the services provided.

We will have no involvement in the management company and have no responsibility for the maintenance of the open space. The service charge is separate to council tax, and you will still need to pay the full amount for your property. 

Resolving issues

If you are the owner of a property on a new build housing estate many issues or worries you have will need to be taken up with the developer first. This includes the standard of your property, roads not being finished or adopted, standard of open spaces, rubbish on open spaces, or any maintenance fee charges. 

We may be able to help with some issues. These will mainly be to make sure conditions of planning permission are met. This could include building standards and poor quality workmanship in your property and land in a disused condition while awaiting development.

The county council may be able to help with issues around roads, pavements and street lighting.