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Sustainability and climate

Sustainability and sustainable development aims to meet the needs of the current generation, without stopping future generations from meeting needs of their own. 

This means balancing economic, social and environmental needs. We must deliver and plan services in different ways to be sustainable in what we deliver to residents and businesses, and in managing our workforce and estates. 

Living more sustainably

Living sustainably means we are doing our bit to reduce climate change, maintain natural resources for future generations and we're saving money too. 

Saving water

You'd be surprised how much water we use in our homes and gardens everyday and it may be easy to think there'll always be enough. Saving water, or being more efficient in what we use, is part of living more sustainably. 

Severn Trent supply the water to Ashfield and have water saving tips on their website. 

Saving energy

Reducing the amount of gas and electricity we use is good for the environment and for saving money too. Switching to renewable sources is even better for sustainable living. 

There are quick tips for energy saving on the Energy Saving Trust website, or you could look into bigger home improvements such as insulation and cladding, changing your boiler, or getting smart meters. 

Green Deal

The green deal is a government scheme to help you - both residents and businesses - make improvements to your home and find the best way to pay for them. You can find out more about the green deal on the Gov.UK website. 

How to get more information

If you need more information on what we're doing to tackle climate change or become more energy efficient get in touch by: 

  • telephone: 01623 457370