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Voting - where and how

The people who are elected in a local or general election make decisions which will affect your everyday life. It's important you take part in choosing the person you think will represent your views and needs the best.

Register to vote

If you are not registered you will not be able to vote.

Current deadline for registering to vote

The deadline for registering to vote for the elections on 2 May 2024 is 16 April 2024.

Register to vote

If you can't get to the polling station on the day of an election you can apply in advance for a postal vote or proxy vote.

How to cast a vote

You will be sent a poll card approximately one month before the day of the election. The poll card contains important information such as the address of your polling station and details of the hours of poll.

You do not need your poll card in order to be able to vote, however, if you have not received one and are unsure if you are able to vote in a particular election you can contact us.

Voting if you move or live abroad

You can register to vote in UK Parliamentary elections as an overseas elector if you are a British Citizen that lived or was registered to vote in a constituency before you left the UK. More information about registering and how to set up a postal or proxy vote is available on the government website:

Changes to overseas electors

The 15 year limit on voting rights for British citizens living overseas has now been removed, and the registration period for these voters is extended from one to 3 years; This means that overseas voters will now only need to register to vote every 3 years.

Any British citizen living abroad who has previously lived in, or been registered to vote in the UK, will have the right to vote at UK Parliamentary elections in the constituency where they were last registered to vote, or where they lived if they were not registered to vote before.

Anyone who is registered to vote in the UK can make donations to political parties and campaigners. Extending voting rights to more British citizens living overseas will mean these new voters will also be allowed to donate to political parties and campaigners in the UK.

Information for people with learning difficulties

If a person has severe learning difficulties they may not need to register to vote. Others may wish to nominate someone to cast a proxy vote on their behalf.

Or they may wish to vote themselves on polling day. The downloadable guide on this page helps to make clear and straightforward what happens on election day and in a polling station. It was designed and produced by Wandsworth Council and the Makaton Charity (registered charity number 1119819) with the help of members of the Battersea Social Education Centre.

Ways to contact us about voting and registering to vote

If you can't register online or you have a question you can contact us by: