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Mobile trading

A mobile trading consent is for anyone trading from a vehicle at multiple locations in Ashfield. 

A mobile trader is anyone who: 

  • moves from location to location
  • moves at least 50 metres from the last trading location and does not return within 4 hours
  • does not wait in one location for more than 20 minutes
  • does not trade within 100 metres of the entrance to a place of eduction without being invited by them to do so. 

Ice cream vans and mobile sandwich sellers (that do not have specific customers to whom they visit on a “round”) are types of mobile trader.

Businesses which have a contract in place with customers do not need a mobile trading consent. This may include hot food and sandwich vans. These types of trader are called roundsmen. 

Our policy is to prevent trading in locations: 

  • where there might be a risk to public safety because of causing an obstruction or unhygienic conditions
  • where there might be a risk to public order
  • where there might be a risk of public nuisance or annoyance because of noise, odour, litter or similar
  • whether planning permission is needed or has been given
  • appearance of the stall, vehicle or unit
  • and any relevant registrations for food businesses. 

Our policy also prevents trading in locations in close proximity to:  

  • a place of worship
  • a place of education
  • a place of healthcare
  • a place cultural or historical significance
  • residential properties
  • businesses offering the same goods or services
  • or may undermine the safety and convenience of the public or road users. 

Apply for a mobile trading consent

A trader who meets the criteria is likely to be granted the consent. You will need to apply and have the consent in place before you begin trading. 

You apply by downloading the form and returning it to us with any supporting documentation and payment. 

The consent lasts for either 6 months or 12 months depending on your application. Once granted you must display the consent prominently on your vehicle or unit. You must renew before the consent runs out if you want to keep trading. 

Mobile trading on council owned parks and recreation grounds

As we need to protect existing businesses, locations, and any negative competition there are conditions around applying to be a mobile trader at council owned parks or grounds. 

This means you cannot trade during the opening hours of existing business on the site offering similar goods or services. We will also only allow one mobile trader in each location at a time. 

Full information on suitable locations for mobile trading can be found in the application pack. 

Costs of a mobile trading consent

Type of consent Lasting 6 months Lasting 12 months
Mobile trading consent £375 £750

You can pay by debit or credit card. We offer payment plans to help you spread the cost of the consent. 

Pay for your consent

Other ways to contact us about the consent

If you have questions about the consent or applying you can contact us by: