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Changing your tenancy

There are ways in which you can pass your tenancy on, change your tenancy or exchange your house with another tenant. There are also rules in your tenancy about taking in a lodger. 

Right to succession and assignment of tenancy

Members of your family may have the right to take over, or 'succeed', to your tenancy when you die. By law there can only be one succession to a tenancy. If you have already succeeded to the tenancy then it can't be passed on again. 

Assignment is a transfer of tenancy to another person, which is generally as a result of a request from the sole/joint tenant to hand over their tenancy (assign it) rather than as a result of the death of the tenant. There can only be one assignment to the tenancy. 

This route can be complex so contact us to discuss your situation and we can explain the legal process and answer any questions you may have. 

Right to exchange

Every secure tenant has a right to swap your home with another one of our tenants, a council tenant or a tenant of a housing association. This is known as a mutual exchange. Speak to your Housing Officer if you are unsure whether you are eligible to apply.

You can register your property for an exchange and search for suitable properties through Homeswapper.

Once you have found a property you will need to ask for permission to exchange. Please do not arrange to move until you have permission.

More information can be found through Homeswapper or by contacting your Housing Officer. 

Right to take in lodgers

A lodger is someone who lives in your home as they are part of your family and pays you rent. We may allow you take in a lodger but you must get our written permission first. 

As a tenant you are responsible for the behaviour of anyone you invite into your home. Your tenancy could be at risk if they cause a nuisance.

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