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How will my licence application be processed?

Licence application forms will be checked to ensure they have been completed correctly, that supporting documentation has been uploaded and the correct licence fee paid. If there are any issues or errors we will contact you.

Property inspection

We will then arrange to inspect the property at the convenience of the tenant. The owner/managing agent can also be present during the inspection.

We will then prepare a draft licence and send it to the interested parties you have detailed in the application form. These will include any owners, the mortgagee and tenants who have resided at the property for more than 3 years. This enables these people to make representations regarding the application and proposed licence.


If representations are received we will review these and we can then make changes to the proposed licence or we may need to discuss these with the proposed licence holder for the applicant to consider changes. If changes are made a second consultation will take place.

If the draft licence receives no adverse representations then a licence would normally be granted at this stage. Any follow up enforcement in relation to the inspection such as advice letters or enforcement notices will follow outside the licensing process.

Application time scale

It typically takes 8 weeks from a completed and correct licence application being received to a draft licence being issued. The time taken to issue the full licence is dependent upon the representations received. Delays can occur but we will endeavour to keep you up to date and to advise you if there are any issues or problems that are holding up the process.

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