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Environment and neighbourhood conditions


Property exterior

The Licence Holder must ensure that the exterior of the house is maintained in a reasonable decorative order and in reasonable repair.

Outside areas

The Licence Holder must ensure that all outbuildings, yards, forecourts and gardens surrounding the house and alleyways within the property curtilage are maintained in reasonable repair. They must also be kept in a clean, tidy and safe condition, and free from infestations.

Rubbish and refuse disposal

The Licence Holder must ensure that any kind of refuse and rubbish which the Council will not collect (e.g. large items and hazardous waste) are disposed of responsibly and appropriately.

Other conditions

Council visits

The licence holder must allow the Council to undertake compliance checks; usually this will be on receipt of 24 hours’ notice however reserve the right to inspect the property at any reasonable time. Officers will produce valid authorisation at the time of the visit.

Redress Scheme

If the Licence Holder uses the services of a managing agent / agency for the purposes of their premises, to ensure that they are a member of a redress scheme in line with The Redress Scheme for Lettings Agency Work and Property Management Work.

Landlord Residence

The licence holder must reside in the UK. Alternatively, appoint a managing agent in the UK to allow reasonable contact and direct management of the premises

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