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Ashfield District Council management conditions

The following conditions relate to the management of the licensed property.

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

If the property is a HMO which is not required to be licensed under Part II of the Housing Act 2004, the Licence Holder must ensure that the house is compliant with Ashfield District Council’s approved standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation, according to the type of accommodation offered.

Contact details

The Licence Holder must provide the occupiers of the house with details of the following management information:

  • Name of the Licence Holder and property manager (if any);
  • A contact address and daytime telephone number;
  • A 24-hour emergency contact telephone number including out-of-hours response arrangements.

Management information

If the property is a house in multiple occupation, the management information should also be clearly displayed in a prominent position within the house or added to the Licence / Tenancy Agreement as an Appendix. An emergency contact telephone number for the Licence Holder and any property manager must also be available and notified to the Authority.

New residents

A new resident, that is a person not living at the property when the licence was issued, must not be permitted to occupy the house or any part of the house if that occupation:

  • exceeds the maximum permitted number of persons for the house as detailed in the schedule of permitted occupation below;
  • exceeds the maximum permitted number of households for the house;
  • exceeds the maximum permitted number of persons for any letting as detailed in the schedule of permitted occupation below


The Licence Holder and any property manager shall undertake Council approved training (e.g. UKLAP/LLAS/NLA/EMPO/ARLA/DASH property management training) where required to do so by the Authority.

‘Fit and Proper’

The Licence Holder must ensure that any person involved in the management of the house not detailed in the original licence application is a “fit and proper person” for the purposes of the Act and must notify the Authority of these changes.

Change in circumstances

The Licence Holder must inform the Authority within 10 working days of any changes in their circumstances which may affect their suitability to continue to remain as licensee.

Displaying the licence

The Licence Holder must display a copy of the licence to which the conditions apply in the common parts of the property. Alternatively the Licence Holder must provide each occupier of the house with a copy of the Licence Conditions which are currently in force.

Property inspections

The Licence Holder or his property manager must make regular inspections (at least every 6 months) of the property to ensure that the property is in a decent state of repair and that the occupiers are not in breach of tenancy terms and conditions.

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