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Sutton town centre facing the sundial and shops in the background

Sutton resident receives Anti-social Behaviour Injunction

The Community Safety Team have secured an Anti-social Behaviour Injunction Order against a Sutton resident.

Christopher Parr, of Langton Court Sutton in Ashfield, received the Injunction after subjecting residents and visitors, in Sutton town centre and Langton Court, to high levels of anti-social behaviour.

His behaviour included threats, abuse, disorderly behaviour, and street drinking. Following multiple complaints from members of the public, the Council attempted to engage Parr with support services and to stop his behaviour through informal warnings, but his behaviour continued. The Council had no other option than to obtain an injunction, which was granted on 8th September 2021 at Mansfield Magistrates Court. He was also required to pay fees to the total amount of £667.50

The injunction is active for 12 months and excludes Parr from Sutton town centre and prohibits him from committing or making threats of violence; abusive behaviour including shouting, swearing and using insulting words; and consuming alcohol, or being in possession of an open vessel of alcohol, in Sutton in Ashfield and Langton Court Communal Area.

Cllr Helen-Ann Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said “Christopher Parr was causing misery to residents and visitors in Sutton and Langton Court so this is a really positive result. The Injunction has a power of arrest attached meaning if he is in breach of the order, by entering Sutton town centre for example, he may be arrested.
“The Council is committed to making our town centres safer, cleaner and welcoming places to visit. We have proven time and time again that we will pursue enforcement action whenever we can to ensure that the behaviours of a few people don’t impact other resident’s enjoyment of Ashfield.”