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Police and CPO patrolling streets

Sutton resident convicted for breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order

A Sutton resident has been convicted for breaching a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) after being caught begging outside Matalan in Sutton in Ashfield. A Community Protection Officer from Ashfield District Council caught Malliburn breaching his order on 30th January 2023.

Robert Malliburn, who is housed in Ashfield, is prohibited from engaging in, inciting, or encouraging the use of aggressive, abusive or threatening words or behaviour directed towards anyone, and approaching any person to beg or ask for money in the Ashfield District. The order which remains in place until 29th October 2024 was obtained by Ashfield District Council at Nottinghamshire Magistrates Court in October 2021 after Malliburn was causing significant distress to local retails and visitors to stores across the District.

The Council and its partners made numerous attempts to engage Malliburn with financial help and support, however he continued to cause anti-social behaviour across the District and breach his order, which left the Community Safety Team of the Council and Nottinghamshire Police with no choice but to take the case to court.

On 13th April 2023 at Mansfield Magistrates Court, the hearing found that Malliburn had breached his Criminal Behaviour Order which resulted in him received costs of £144 and a requirement to undertake 30 days of rehabilitation activities and a non-residential drug rehabilitation programme over the course of the next 6 months.

The order in place also bans Malliburn from entering the Co-op store on Fackley Road, Stanton Hill, Sutton-In-Ashfield. If Malliburn is witnessed breaching the order, it can be reported to 999. For all non-emergency matters relating to Robert Malliburn, they can be reported to the Council on 01623 450000 or by calling Nottinghamshire Police on 101.

Antonio Taylor, Community Safety Manager at Ashfield District Council said:

“Robert Malliburn received a Criminal Behaviour Order for causing serious distress to residents and retailers across the District, which involved Malliburn harassing and intimidating customers and staff. This behaviour was having an adverse impact to the local community and retailers in the area.
‘Following the outcome at court, I hope that Mr Malliburn does not re-offend and engages with the rehabilitation programme. I am pleased to confirm that we are rolling out a ‘Shop Watch’ Scheme for retailers in Sutton over the coming months which will provide businesses with an extra layer of security.
‘'Ashfield is seeing major economic growth and investment and we want to see the District continue to remain an attractive, welcoming place for all our residents and visitors, which is why action such as this is so important.’’


Jon Hewitt – Ashfield Neighbourhood Policing Inspector of Nottinghamshire Police added:

“As a Neighbourhood Policing Team, we prioritise aggressive begging and shoplifting and we are working with businesses to improve feelings of safety for them and visitors to their stores. This action demonstrates that we are taking a zero tolerance to this type of behaviour, and whilst we will offer support, there will be consequences if you committ anti-social behaviour across the District.
“If local businesses are having aggressive beggars or identify individuals who require support, we urge you to contact us so we can look at minimising the issues and take action to make sure your business is not impacted by the minority who think it is acceptable to cause anti-social behaviour in the District.”