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Photo of rain hitting water

Storm Babet update - Monday 23 October 2023

Ashfield District Council is working closely with Nottinghamshire County Council across the District to support those residents whose homes and businesses have been impacted by the flooding caused by Storm Babet.

We know how distressing flood damage can be so we are here to help as much as we can, where we can’t directly assist you, we have gathered the following information that will support you through any challenges you may face due to flooding.

Local partners are working together to provide emergency support and help where needed and are urging the public to stay safe and help keep the level of disruption to a minimum. 

Please help emergency services by following the advice below:

  • Only travel if necessary
  • Don’t ignore a flood warning or a road closure sign
  • Give yourself plenty of time for your journey and always have a second route planned
  • If you must drive:
    • never drive into flood water, 30mm (1 inch) of water is enough to cause a vehicle to float and drift
    • slow down and leave plenty of room between you and the car in front
    • use your headlights if visibility is poor
  • Do not to enter flood water in case of hidden hazards such as lifted manhole covers.
  • River flooding is possible so stay away from swollen rivers.

If you need to report an incident of flooding or need further information on how to prepare or what to do in the event of flooding, these useful links and telephone numbers will help:

Risk to life

  • If there is an immediate risk to life or health, contact the emergency services, call 999
  • If there is a health emergency or ongoing medical conditions because of a flood, contact your local GP or call 999 depending on the severity of your situation.

Travel information

Advice for planning for a flood is available on our page [inset local authority web page and text]

People should check their flood risk, sign up for free flood warnings and keep up to date with the latest situation:

Ashfield District Council support

If your property has been flooded and is dangerous/you cannot live there until it’s clear, please call our Housing Options Team:

  • telephone: 01623 450 000.

If your street/road has debris or rubbish build up from the flooding, please report this to us online so we can clear it.

If your furniture has been damaged by flooding, we can refer you to the Furniture Project, please call our Housing Options Team:

  • telephone: 01623 450 000.

If you are a Council tenant and need a referral to a foodbank due to flooding, please call our Housing Team

  • telephone: 01623 450 000.

Housing advice 

For advice about insurance claims and what to do after a flood, visit Nottinghamshire County Council's flooding advice page.

If you rent your home privately and it’s been flooded there's advice on Citizen's Advice's website.

The Nottinghamshire Floods Hardship Fund supports residents and businesses affected by flooding, eligible residents can receive a one-off payment of £120. 

Flooding from a public foul sewer, surface water sewer or a water main

Please contact Severn Trent Water:

  • telephone: 0800 783 4444

Flooding from a river, reservoir, or coastal water

Please contact the Environment Agency:

  • telephone: The Environment Agency Flood line - 0345 988 1188
  • telephone: The Environment Agency incident hotline - 0800 80 70 60