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Photo of the house on Brand Lane, Stanton Hill

Stanton Hill property closed due to high level anti-social behaviour

A house on Brand Lane, Stanton Hill has been closed by Ashfield District Council and Nottinghamshire Police after reports of drug activity and disorder from the address.

A Closure Order was successfully granted at Mansfield Magistrates Court on Wednesday 26 April 2023, after a large cannabis grow was found at the property following a recent warrant at the address.

The address at Stanton Hill, Sutton in Ashfield has been linked to high level crime, anti-social behaviour and drug activity leaving residents frightened. The cannabis grow was considered to be a significant fire risk to neighbours and others in the local area.

As a result of the concerns reported to the Council’s Community Safety Team and Nottinghamshire Police, swift action was taken to reassure the local community and obtain all relevant evidence to put an immediate stop to the issues. The order granted under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 prohibits access and will remain in force for 3 months.

The property is in a Selective Licensing area, meaning the landlord requires a license to let out the property. As a result of the action taken the License is being reviewed by the Council, and if the landlord of the property fails to engage and/or adheres to the licensing terms, it could be revoked meaning they are unable to let out their property in the future.

The property has now been boarded up to prevent access. Any breaches of the order such as unauthorised access to the property may result in further prosecution proceedings which could result in a fine or imprisonment. If anyone is witnessed breaching the order, it can be reported to 999 so that appropriate action can be taken.

This is one of several Closure Orders secured in the past 6 months and will remain a priority of the Council and Police to reduce levels of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity across the District.

Antonio Taylor, Community Safety Manager at Ashfield District Council, said:

"I would like to thank all the witnesses and officers involved in this case to help obtain the order.  Tackling and preventing drug harm is a priority for the Community Safety Partnership and we will continue to act on the concerns of our communities to disrupt drug supply and tackle serious and organised crime."

Jon Hewitt, Ashfield Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Nottinghamshire Police added:

“The address had been raised to us by the local community due to concerns of drug dealing both at the property and in the immediate locality linked to the address. We have made arrests linked to this with the ultimate goal of holding those responsible to account and improving the local area’’