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Councillors taking alleyway visit

Seven alleyways will be shut under new Council plans

Councillors are moving forward with their plans to close and restrict access to a number of crime-ridden alleyways across Ashfield. This includes restricting public access to the controversial service road behind Outram Street and the closure of walk-throughs accessing Bramley Court, Portland Close, Sutton, Rockwood Walk, Hucknall and three alleyways on the Coxmoor Estate, Kirkby. 

District Councillors for these areas have been working closely with the Council’s Head of Community Safety, Antonio Taylor and Policing Inspector Jon Hewitt to develop the plans under a new Public Spaces Protection Order. The closures are part of Ashfield District Council’s Safer Street’s agenda.  Councillor Helen-Ann Smith, the Council’s Deputy Leader and Executive Lead Member for Community Safety and Crime Reduction made the announcement at last week’s Full Council meeting. 

Councillor Smith told the Council,

“We are pleased to announce more alleyway closures and are now going through the legal process to formally close the alleys and gate them off.  We have identified seven alleyways where we can provide the evidence base to gate them. These alleyways have caused misery for residents and has been an hotspot for crime and anti-social behaviour.  We will be further consulting with local residents and statutory consultees to formalise the closure of these alleys and will undergo formal ratification at the Council Meeting on January 24th, with the alleys gated soon after.”

The closures have been welcomed by Councillor Samantha Deakin, Councillor for Central Sutton and New Cross.  She said,

“The access road adjacent to Outram Street has been a nightmare for years.  It has been a haven for fly-tippers and I am so pleased it will be shut from one end to restrict footfall in this area – with fixed CCTV protecting the other side.  We wanted to gate the whole thing off but due to multiple access issues this was impossible.  We have done the next best thing.  The alley was almost like a drive-thru for fly-tippers.  We were determined to sort this alleyway out and I am delighted that by the start of February it will be.”