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Pupils from Kirkby Woodhouse with cllrs

Schools in Ashfield receive planters

16 Primary Schools in Ashfield have received planters, seeds, and bulbs as part of Ashfield District Council’s BIG Spring Clean.

The planters were handmade by Council staff using recycled wood donated by Door-Stop in Huthwaite, and filled with compost donated by Pro-Grow. The planters will allow the pupils to have hands-on experiences of growing their own vegetables and flowers whilst learning about the environment.

Schools which received the planters were: Mapplewells, Dalestorth, Forest Glade and Healdswood Primary Schools, and Skegby Junior in Sutton; Kingsway, Abbey Hill, Greenwood and Kirkby Woodhouse Primary Schools in Kirkby and Bagthorpe Primary School in Bagthorpe; and Butler’s Hill, Edgewood and Hillside Primary Schools, Hucknall Flying High, Hucknall C0fE, and Broomhill Juniors, in Hucknall.

The planters were delivered throughout the duration of the BIG Ashfield Spring Clean which saw Flying Skips visiting Sutton, Kirkby, Hucknall, and the Rurals allowing residents to dispose of excess waste; community litter picks; and side waste collections.

Cllr Jamie Bell, Ward Councillor for Annesley and Kirkby Woodhouse said:

“Councillor Rachel Madden and I were delighted to present Kirkby Woodhouse Primary School with their planters. We were so pleased to be able to include local schools in our BIG Spring Clean again this year. These planters will assist the schools with their lessons about nature and growing their own food. Last year we delivered wormeries to help with food waste and we were glad to see these are still going strong!”

Cllr Will Bostock, Ward Councillor for Skegby said:

“These planters look amazing and we would like to thank Door-Stop in Huthwaite for their generous donations. These planters have been welcomed by our local schools including my local Healdswood Primary School. This is another great example of the Council working with businesses and schools to deliver projects that benefit our communities.”