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Vehicles being seized on Diamond Avenue in Kirkby

Nuisance vehicles seized in Kirkby

Following reports from concerned residents of 6 abandoned vehicles on Diamond Avenue, Kirkby in Ashfield, 2 vehicles have been seized by the Community Safety Team.

On 2nd May 2023, Community Protection Officers swiftly attended the scene and inspected the vehicles and found them to be causing a nuisance and obstructing the highway.

Officers found that 2 of the vehicles posed a risk to members of the public and confirmed the vehicles had expired tax. This resulted in the officers seizing a Proton Gen-2 and Skoda Octavia and requesting 4 other vehicles to be removed from the location.

The 2 vehicles that were seized were transported to a local compound, where the owner will be required to pay a release and compound fee. The owners will also receive fixed penalty notices, if these notices are not paid, the case may be pursued via the Magistrates Court as this is a criminal offence.

The Vehicle Excise Duty (Immobilisation, Removal and Disposal of Vehicles) Regulations 1997 provides the powers to remove un-taxed vehicles from the public highway.

Antonio Taylor, Community Safety Manager at Ashfield District Council, said:

"I would like to thank the Council’s Community Protection Officers who investigated these concerns that were reported by local residents.
Driving without road tax is an offence in England and Wales. If you own a vehicle registered in the UK for use on public roads, you are required by law to pay road tax"

Ashfield District Council is committed making the District safer by reducing levels of Crime and Anti-Social behaviour. In the past year the Council have investigated 72 reports of abandoned vehicles and removed a vehicle last week on Brand Lane. The Council will continue to work with residents to remove unlawful vehicles, which will improve our communities and make the roads safer across Ashfield.