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annesley tree

New Christmas Tree planted for Annesley

Annesley has welcomed a brand new Christmas tree for 2020!

The tree has been planted thanks to collaborative working between Ashfield District Council and Annesley and Felley Parish Council.

The 15-foot Nordmann Fir has been safely planted by Ashfield District Council’s Environment Team in its new home on the junction of Annesley Cutting and Newstead Road. It now stands alongside the Annesley ‘A’ sculpture and the headstock wheel of Annesley Colliery.

The cost of the new tree has been covered by Annesley and Felley Parish Council, following a decision to remove the previous tree that hadn’t matured.

District Councillor and Annesley and Felley Parish Council Vice Chairman Cllr Daniel Williamson joined fellow Parish Council Member Cllr Rachael Blazewicz-Bell to see the tree’s planting.

He said: “I’m very pleased that the District and Parish Councils have come together to make this happen. Although it was sad to see what happened to the previous tree, I’m sure the community will agree that the replacement is even better.

“The fantastic work of the Environment Team will mean that the tree now has the best chance to mature and flourish in its new home.”