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a group of people are stood on Hucknall High Street in front of the shop Boots

Hucknall Shop Watch scheme launched

Following the successes in Kirkby, the Shop Watch scheme has been launched in Hucknall resulting in a 43% reduction of shop thefts in the first three months.

First rolled out in Kirkby by Ashfield District Council and Nottinghamshire Police, the Shop Watch scheme provides retailers with radios that allow them to talk to each other, as well as connecting directly to CCTV control room at police headquarters.

In Hucknall 15 businesses have signed up and are already benefiting from the scheme. A member of staff from Boots, commented:

“Shop Watch has made a difference to our store. It’s brilliant having the radios now as we have instant communication with CCTV and other stores. Also having the police on the high street more often seems to keep the shoplifters away and makes us feel safe and supported.”

Cllr Lee Waters, Ward Member for Hucknall Central, said:

“It’s great to hear that the Shop Watch Scheme is already making a positive impact for the businesses that have joined the scheme. We know that shop lifting and anti-social behaviour effects everyone and this scheme can reduce incidents, improving the experience for shop workers and shoppers.”

The Shop Watch scheme supports the recent work to sign up 24 businesses to become Safe Spaces. The Safe Space accredited businesses offer refuge for anyone who needs it, the shops can be identified by the Safe Space sign. As part of the scheme the premises also received Ultra-High Definition 4G CCTV cameras, Passive Infrared sensor lighting, and the staff received safeguarding training.

Trevor, from Vuice Vapes, who is also part of the Shop Watch scheme, spoke about the benefits of the Since the introduction of the Hucknall Shop Watch:

"We at Vuice Vapes have seen a significant decrease in anti-social behaviour. We have had the pleasure of never having a shop theft unlike other shops in Hucknall. Now with the introduction of the Shop Watch radios, alongside the Shop Watch meetings, Hucknall is becoming connected in fighting to reduce the crime rate.”  

Hucknall’s Shop Watch scheme is being paid for by part of Ashfield District Council’s £3.2million UK Shared Prosperity Fund.   

Inspector Jon Hewitt, district commander for Ashfield, said:

“Shop thefts are damaging to local businesses and can also be very distressing for staff.
“We are working every day with local businesses and partners to identify offenders and build local resilience through our Business Crime Forum.
“Local businesses are now better linked to each other and the police, and we are also being more proactive in monitoring and managing the relatively small number of people who account for a disproportionate amount of local thefts.
“Along with catching and prosecuting offenders, we are also working to ensure more Criminal Behaviour Orders against repeat offenders. Once approved by a magistrate, these orders can ban individuals form certain areas, forbid them from doing certain things altogether, and can very quickly land people in jail if they are ignored.
“The results of this work speak for themselves and my team and I are very proud of what is being achieved.”