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Property closed in Sutton in Ashfield with smashed window and door

Former Sutton Tenant evicted for Anti-Social Behaviour

Ashfield District Council’s Community Safety Team have successfully evicted a former tenant of Sutton in Ashfield, for persistent anti-social behaviour offences and ordered to pay costs totalling £4,458.79

The Closure Order was granted at Mansfield Magistrates Court on 15th December 2022 and 27th April 2023, resulting in the closure of the property on the Leamington estate for a total period of 6 months to prevent incidents of drug activity, violence, and anti-social behaviour linked to the address. The order was granted under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, which prevents access to the property besides Council representatives and the Emergency services.

The persistent anti-social behaviour from those visiting and living at the property was having was impacting on local residents which resulted in the Councils Community Safety and Legal Team proceeding to evict the tenant and re gain possession of the property through legal proceedings. The property has been left in a state of disrepair, this included damage to the interior of the property and smashed window.

A hearing to re gain possession took place at Mansfield County Court on 3rd August 2023, where the courts granted Ashfield District Council a possession order, meaning that the tenant had to surrender the property back to the Council by 17th August 2023. The Court also ordered payments of £4021.79 in arrears and costs of £437.00 for the damage to the property.

Deputy Leader and Executive Lead for Community Safety and Crime Reduction, Cllr Helen-Ann Smith said:

 “We can’t praise the Council’s Community Safety Team enough for the hard work that goes on across Ashfield to improve the area and promote community safety. This is an exceptional example of the team working in Partnership with Nottinghamshire Police to take action against culprits of Anti-Social Behaviour.
We encourage and rely on residents reporting incidents such as this, so we can act accordingly and in the best interests of our communities. We are all in this together and only together can we forge a better future for Ashfield.”