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Samantha Deakin standing with Community Protection Officers

Council set up new taskforce to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour

The Council’s Community Safety Team is taking a zero tolerance approach to Anti-Social Behaviour in Sutton Town Centre.

The Council have set up the multi-agency taskforce as a response to the ongoing Anti-Social Behaviour in the town centre and Portland Square area which has been causing a nuisance to local shoppers, residents and traders. The Council will be working closely with Nottinghamshire Police, Housing Options and Framework to tackle all aspects of the issues.

Community Protection Officers have already completed a large number of confiscations of alcohol and issued Fixed Penalty Notices. The Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team are taking further legal action to address the behaviour of some individuals by obtaining Community Protection Notices and injunctions against repeat offenders.

The taskforce are also providing support to the more vulnerable residents. This follows the work that the CPOs, Complex Case Team and Housing Options have already been carrying out, engaging with homeless residents to provide support to help them access our services. 

Cllr Samantha Deakin, Ward Councillor for Sutton Central and New Cross, said

“Anti-Social Behaviour will not be tolerated and we are working closely with the appropriate agencies to ensure the action is taken to stop it. We know how disruptive anti-social behaviour can be and we are determined to tackle the issue head on.
“We want our town centres to be enjoyable places for everyone to visit, and we are going to be investing heavily into Sutton with the available funding from the Towns Fund. We don’t want visitors and residents to be put off because of the behaviour of a few individuals.
“The Council is committed to making Ashfield and safer place to live, and visit, and by creating this new taskforce we are demonstrating that we will take reports of Anti-Social Behaviour seriously.”    

If you would like to report Anti-Social Behaviour, please call the team on 01623 457345 or email