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Closure Notice

Council issues Orders to properties in Sutton

Ashfield District Council’s Community Safety Team and the Private Sector Enforcement Team inspected two properties in Sutton following concerns over safety.  

A Prohibition Order was issued by the Councils Private Sector Enforcement team to a property on Chatsworth Street, Sutton as part of a joint initiative by the Council and police to tackle ongoing issues in the area. The Order was issued to the landlord due to the extremely poor condition it was found in following a police raid on the property.

Under the rules of the Prohibition Order the property cannot be lived in until significant updates have been made by the landlord. Due to a large amount of waste at the property, the landlord was also served an additional notice to clear the waste.

Cllr John Wilmott, Cabinet Member for Regulatory Services said:

“The Council is committed to working closely with the Police to tackle anti social behaviour in the Chatswoth Street area. As part of a recent raid a property was found to be in dangerous state and a Prohibition Order was issued to ensure that the property cannot be lived in again until it is safe to do so. We are committed to ensuring that private landlords rent properties that are safe and don’t pose a risk to those living in them.”

The second property was served with a Closure Notice by the Council’s Community Safety Team due to repeated incidents of antisocial behaviour. This means that no one other than the tenants can enter the property, and any breach will be reported to the police.

Cllr Helen-Ann Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety said:

“Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in Ashfield and we take all the action possible with those that think its ok to act in a way that negatively effects their neighbours and communities. Issuing this Closure Notice demonstrates this. We will continue to work with partner organisations to ensure Ashfield remains a safe place to live and work.”