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New CCTV camera at Sutton Cemetery

CCTV installed at Sutton Cemetery

Ashfield District Council has installed a CCTV camera at Sutton Cemetery after reports of anti-social and criminal behaviour taking place.

The installation of CCTV is part of a raft of measures undertaken by the Council to ensure the cemetery is respected and well-maintained. 

The Council’s Community Safety Team have been working closely with the Police to deal with the instances of anti-social and criminal behaviour that has been taking place at the cemetery.

Daily plain clothes patrols are also taking place in the cemetery to ensure any unacceptable behaviour is addressed. Fixed Penalty Notices and a £100 fine, under the Public Spaces Protection Order, will be issued to anyone witnessed leaving dog mess or litter behind them. High-visual patrols will be undertaken during the evenings.

Last week a deep clean was carried out and all flower beds were replanted to enhance the appearance of the cemetery, ensuring that it is a peaceful place of rest.

Paul Parkinson, Executive Director of Operations at Ashfield District Council, said “We have acted quickly to address visitors’ concerns regarding anti-social and criminal behaviour taking place at Sutton Cemetery. We are committed to making the cemetery a place that families and loved ones are happy to visit. We are determined to crack down on instances of anti-social or criminal behaviour taking place there so that the cemetery can provide a place of peaceful reflection without being spoilt by a minority of people with no respect.”