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Refuse collectors working

Bin Collections on Monday 19 September

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II has been confirmed for Monday 19 September which is now a public Bank Holiday.

This will impact bin collections. Any bins due to be collected on Monday 19 September will now be collected on Saturday 17 September. Because of the late notice of the Bank Holiday - we may not be able to get around all routes as usual. Any uncollected bins will be collected on Tuesday 20 September but only the houses we haven’t already covered. We cannot collect from streets already covered on Saturday 17 September.

Councillor Samantha Deakin, Executive Lead Member for Parks, Town Centres and Environmental Services said

“Due to the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II, Monday, 19th September is now a Bank Holiday.  This has an obvious impact on bin collection services.  As many red-lidded bins as possible due for collection on Monday will now be collected this Saturday.  Any we don’t collect on Saturday will be collected the following Tuesday.  These are obviously unprecedented times so we are sharing this information as widely as possible. The death of our Queen has had an enormous impact on Ashfield residents.  We thank them for their co-operation and understanding on this.  We’d also like to thank our bin collection staff.  Many of them are doing overtime and others have cancelled their plans on Saturday to make this possible.”


Residents are being asked to check their bin collection calendar which can be found online -