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Council officers and a police officer pose in front of a police car outside

Ashfield teams up to ghost-bust anti-social behaviour

Authorities in Ashfield are coming together to make Halloween and Bonfire Night as safe as possible for residents and visitors this year.

Ashfield District Council, Nottinghamshire Police and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service have teamed up to carry out joint patrols to prevent incidents and keep the public safe. 

The operation aims to prevent and disrupt incidents of anti-social behaviour before they take place with early intervention, education and, where needed, enforcement action against those who commit offences.

As Halloween approaches, the teams will be visiting shops and off licenses throughout Ashfield, advising shopkeepers against serving eggs and flour to under 16s, to cut down anti-social behaviour. Officers will also be reminding shops about the requirements to check for ID for young people buying alcohol.

If you’re planning on Trick or Treating this year we’re asking residents to be vigilant to help cut the spread of the virus and protect family, friends and communities.

Councillor Helen-Ann Smith, Deputy Leader of Ashfield District Council said: “The Halloween and Bonfire season brings joy to residents across the District but we know that it also brings with it anti-social behaviour.
“This year’s celebrations will still be different to what we are used to and it is more important than ever for authorities to work together to create a safe environment for residents to enjoy. We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour in the District and we will be working closely with the Police and Fire service to ensure the residents of Ashfield stay safe.”
Inspector Mark Dickson, District Commander for Ashfield said: “The Halloween and fireworks season is always a busy time for neighbourhood policing teams and, in this regard at least, 2021 will be no different. Working alongside our partners at Ashfield District Council and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service we’ll be doing all we can to ensure people stay safe and secure.
“My officers will take a proactive role in patrolling communities and engaging positively with members of the public. But we will not hesitate to take action against people who either act in an antisocial way or who put others at risk. As would be the case for any year, we will not tolerate reckless and dangerous behaviour, damage to property or any other actions that cause alarm or distress to residents. There is never an excuse to damage property or cause distress to others and we’ll take firm action against anyone we find behaving in this way.

With some organised firework displays cancelled, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service are advising residents to avoid displays at home where possible. If people do have a display at home, it is important they plan carefully, follow the Firework Code and only buy fireworks from a reputable source.

Jonathan Wilson, Station Manager at Ashfield Fire Station, said: “As the spooky season approaches and Bonfire Night draws closer, I must remind everyone about the dangers around fireworks. In the wrong hands, they can have tragic consequences.
“We are urging residents not to have bonfires as they can get out of hand easily, and can easily spread to hedges, trees and sometimes even properties.
“If buying fireworks, ensure that they are purchased from reputable sellers and carry the CE mark.
“Please ensure you are staying safe this Halloween and bonfire night, follow the safety tips and avoid antisocial behaviour.”