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Proposed Selective Licensing Scheme Consultation

We are looking to renew the Selective Licensing Schemes for private rented properties in Sutton Central (New Cross) and Stanton Hill areas.

Selective licensing has been in place in these two areas for the past 5 years, helping to bring about change and improvement to homes and the wider community.  

What is Selective Licensing?

A Selective Licence means that all landlords with any privately rented properties in a selected area will need a licence for these properties.

Selective Licensing is introduced if we are satisfied that the selected area has at least one of the following issues:

  • low demand (or is likely to become such an area)
  • significant or persistent problems caused by anti-social behaviour
  • poor property conditions
  • high levels of deprivation
  • high levels of crime

Introducing a Selective Licensing scheme will help to improve these issues.

Why renew the Selective Licensing schemes?

Selective Licensing Schemes have been in place in parts of Central Sutton (New Cross) and Stanton Hill since 2017. The schemes were recently reviewed, and an Evaluation Report was produced.

The report identified that through the scheme improvements in property standards and management practices have been achieved. Improving wider community issues, such as anti-social behaviour and criminal activity has been more limited.

The report concluded that the schemes should be renewed to ensure property standards do not fall, and where possible continue to improve, and that work continues to improve the quality of our neighbourhoods, making them a secure and safe place to live.

What changes are being made to the proposed schemes?

The boundaries of the Selective Licensing areas have been reviewed and minor changes proposed.

A new, online Selective Licensing Application Form has been introduced that will make the application process much easier. It will reduce the amount of time officers spend administering the scheme, allowing them to be more pro-active in the support of property owners and tenants.

These and other proposed changes are explained in the frequently asked questions section.

Proposed licence fees

The licence fee will be £350 and will be for the 5-year duration of the designation of the Selective Licensing scheme.

The proposal is to discount the fee by £100, reducing it to £250 for the 5-year period, if applicant is fully accredited.

Proposed licence conditions

License holders must keep to the Selective Licensing conditions, full details are available and can be summarised as follows:

  • Ensure a suitable person is in place to manage the property
  • Make sure landlords have written tenancy agreements with their tenants
  • Ensure references are requested and vetting checks conducted
  • Ensure there are working smoke alarms
  • Ensure the Electrical installation is safe
  • Provide contact details for the licence holder to the tenants
  • Ensure landlord takes reasonable and practicable steps to tackle anti-social behaviour caused by their tenants
  • Ensure the property is free from serious hazards and disrepair
  • Ensure disrepair concerns are dealt with in a timely manner

Consultation period

Views and comments on the proposal to renew the Selective Licensing Schemes in parts of Sutton Central (New Cross) and Stanton Hill are sought from property owners, lettings agents, tenants, residents, and agencies affected directly or indirectly by the proposals.

The consultation period runs until 28 February 2022.

To give your comments on the consultation contact us:

We will also be arranging a number of drop in sessions when you can talk face to face with officers.

How can I find out more about the scheme?

More information about the scheme is can be found on the consultation frequently asked questions page.