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Council Tax rebate - Frequently asked questions

I’m still waiting for my rebate, and I pay by Direct Debit?

We need to have received a Council Tax Payment before we can issue the Council Tax Energy payment. It is also important that the name held by the bank is the same as the name held on our systems (maiden/ married name, or initials instead of full name). This has caused some rebate ayments to be rejected. We need to ensure that details match in order to prevent fraud and error. We are working through these rejected payments to manually correct them, so they then can be paid.

Will you notify me when the rebate is paid into my bank?

No, however, when you review your bank account the sum of £150 will display as paid by Ashfield District Council.

Why has my rebate taken till June, when the window promised was end of May?

We aimed to have most payments, for households who pay via Direct Debit, paid by the end of May. Unfortunately, we must allow for unforeseen problems such as user errors, IT issues etc. Making the rebate payments as quickly as possible is of utmost importance to us. We are therefore working hard to ensure all rebate payments are made by the deadline for completion of this scheme which is the 30 September 2022.

How many properties have received their rebate so far?

The Council have processed/paid nearly 47,000 households to date, which is over 90% of eligible households across the District. We are continuing to process the remaining cases, which are less straight forward. For example, some require external verification of bank details, which means they will take longer to complete.

How long roughly do the online forms take to process?

If the form has been correctly completed with accurate information, it takes around a week for us to complete required bank account verification processes. Requested payments are then processed through the bank system (called BACS) taking up to a further week. We would normally expect rebate payments to reach customer bank accounts within two weeks of completion of the online form. Unfortunately, a lot of forms we have received contain errors so these are taking additional time to correct for payment.

My neighbour received their payment last month, and we pay our Direct Debit on the same day as them. Why have we not received our payment at the same time as them?

We cannot pay all eligible households at once, but we are working as fast as we can. We have to process payments in batches, so each week additional households are paid, this means some will be paid earlier or later than others.

How will I know if my Direct Debit or online form information is incorrect when processing? Does someone contact me?

If an issue is found, you will be contacted and asked to re-submit the correct information. Any errors on the online form will prevent us from completing the processing of payments as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we have received a lot of incorrect forms which we are having to correct; this is causing further delays.